First things first, I’ve been tattooing for nearly 3 years now.

I had a full apprenticeship and through my apprenticeship I gained a valuable friendship that has lasted through the years and I continue to learn from my mentor.

I firmly believe that this is what I was made for. It’s not often that someone gets the chance to do what they love for a living, so I count myself very lucky to be able to tattoo for mine. I am versed in nearly all styles of tattooing and take pride in the fact that I can handle nearly everything that comes through the door.

Every client, no matter how big or small, intricate or simple the design, deserves every second of my attention and I strive to make it a great experience whether it is your first tattoo or your 20th.

That being said, I have been tattooing for 3 years, but have spent the majority of my life as an artist. I have worked in nearly every possible medium from oil painting to comic book arts. I have devoted my life to art and can’t find anything more satisfying than seeing a project meet its conclusion.

In my personal life, I am a father and a mentor to my children and if I have spare time, I can think of nothing better than to spend it with those closest to me.
Being a father comes first and everything else becomes secondary.

Swing by the shop and check us out.  You won’t be disappointed!