I have had a love for Tattooing since I saw them on my dad’s arm. Always been a artist all thru my life  and besides being a father of 4 kids amd husband , tattooing is my life . I attended American Academy of Art in the city of Chicago . My tattoo apprenticeship was with Rick Kivo . It started 2011 .  And I have been tattooing ever since . My intrest in tattooing is all styles .I believe I should always be well rounded from color to blk and grey . All designs and styles. No matter what I do ,I try to make it a little bit cooler and add my twist to it . I think all tattoos should be different because the people are different . Either if it tells your story or if you are a collector . They all should be different and original . I have a sweet spot for comics and the art work associated with it . I have a love /sickness for tattoo machines as well . I take pride in my craft and what it entails.